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All the water that will ever be is, right now. - National Geographic, October 1993

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Cleaning the Waterless products

Restroom Evolution - a PDF presentation from Waterless
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Remove debris from bowl Spray (mist) cleaner onto bowl
Wipe clean and dry Never dump cleaning
solutions or other
chemicals into bowl
Verify contents kit Insert key into cartridge Turn key to the left Lift cartridge and drain all free liquids
Place cartridge into
Flush housing with warm soapy water Wipe clean inner stainless steel rim Insert new cartridge into housing

Turn key to right

Fill cartridge with water until there are no air bubbles.

Remove diverter shield. Add blue sealant, (allow time to drain into cartridge)

Spray (mist) cleaner and wipe clean then replace the diverter shield

Information & Help Line: Australia 1800 351 359 New Zealand 0800 99 8000
Orders by fax : Aus 1800 068157 NZ (09) 426 1381


Waterless Urinals should be cleaned at the same frequency as the cleaning of a conventional urinal. Cleaning is best effected by the use of an atomiser bottle containing a diluted solution of disinfectant or a biodegradable cleaning solution, one that does NOT contain high concentrations of bleach or acid. The urinal surface is sprayed with the solution, and then wiped with a damp cloth.
If maintained correctly there will not be an odour in the urinal.


  1. Spray the urinal with a solution of water and disinfectant or an alcohol cleaning solution such as window cleaner.
  2. Wipe out with a damp cloth or paper towel

Do NOT - use bleach or detergent when cleaning these urinals.

Do NOT - Apply water under pressure - like a hose into the urinal

Do NOT - Tip buckets of waste water such as floor cleaning buckets into the urinal

The life of the trap depends on the number of uses est: 12,000 - 15,000, not on the length of time it has been in use, but in saying that on average it is 3-4 months. It is important that the trap is disposed of properly. Using the extraction tool provided, pour the contents of the trap into the urinal, the empty trap can be disposed of as plastic recycling. The sealing fluid id not hazardous and is biodegradable. Once the trap is removed it is advisable to clean the recess where the trap sits with a good detergent and hot water.
Applying water under pressure, as with a hose, or pouring a bucket of water into the trap must be avoided.


  1. Take out Trap with the Key and plastic glove (Provided) tipping contents down the drain.
  2. Dispose of old TRAP in plastic bag (supplied) recycle or place in rubbish bin.
  3. Clean thoroughly with Brush, Hot water and detergent.
  4. Insert new Trap with logo at rear.
  5. Fill with water (at least 2 cups) and pour fluid directly into Trap.
  6. Your urinal is ready for use again

Simple - Effective - Hygenic

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