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Water has become a highly precious resource. There are some places where a barrel of water costs more than a barrel of oil. -
Lloyd Axworthy,Foreign Min
ister of Canada (1999 - News Conference)

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The Waterless Urinal System

The complete waterless urinal system consists of three integral components...

Vitreous China or Composite Urinal Body

The waterless urinal body, both aesthetic and functional, is made of vitreous china or Composite material which are durable & versatile The urinals surface is non-porous and specially coated making the urinal totally resistant to urine accumulation and bacterial residue. The urinal is specifically designed to accommodate and function with the SEALTRAP® cartridge.

SEALTRAP® Cartridge with AIRSEAL® Fluid

The patented SEALTRAP® cartridge and biodegradable AIRSEAL® fluid work together at the core of the waterless urinal allowing urine to pass into the sewer system without the use of water. The AIRSEAL® fluid, lighter than most liquids, floats inside of the cartridge, providing an atmospheric barrier from the sewer system. This highly efficient system eliminates all unpleasant odours previously associated with traditional urinals.


Urinal Designs

  • The waterless urinal is available in a range of styles and colour options.
  • Vitreous China is available in 2 models - Flax and Boronia.
  • Standard designs are the D1 and D3 shown, available in white and granite.
  • Custom style and colour requirements can be accommodated.


  • Installation is simplified by the use of one load bearing bracket and a lower fixing screw.
  • With the supplied bracket in place, the urinals waste connection is glued or seal fitted to the existing 50mm wall sewer system.
  • A single screw is used to secure the bottom of the urinal.
  • Installation is completed with the application of a sealant at the urinals perimeter and the wall.


  • Prior to the urinals use, the SEALTRAP® cartridge must be installed.
  • The cartridge is first filled one time with water, pressed into place in the urinal and the AIRSEAL® fluid poured into the cartridge.
  • The waterless urinal is now fully functional.
  • The cartridge and fluid are changed together 2 to 4 times per year depending on usage.

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