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"In time and with water, everything changes" Leonardo da Vinci

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Restroom Evolution - a PDF presentation from Waterless
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Waterless Urinals

Available in white or granite black. As the name suggests they operate completely without water. The Urinal is made of durable fibreglass and the surface of the urinal is sealed with a Gel coat. This conducts all urine into the cartridge which is fitted into the bottom of the urinal bowl, without leaving any residue.


Granite D3



The Cartridge: The cartridge replaces the need to have a S trap fitted to the outlet of the urinal. The cartridge traps and works together with the biodegradable airseal sealant fluid. This fluid is lighter than other liquid forms, and floats inside the cartridge and seals the contents from the atmosphere, but allows urine to pass through it, therefore no odor! A free cartridge comes packed with each waterless urinal purchased. The Cartridge is good for an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 uses before it needs to be replaced, on average this will be 3 to 4 months depending upon usage.

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